A simple report suitable for new properties where it may help to have an expert checklist prepared

The Condition Report gives a summary of the risks to the condition of the building; and other matters including guarantees, planning and building control issues for your legal advisers. Choose this report if you’re buying, selling or living in a conventional house, flat or bungalow built from common building materials and in reasonable condition. It focuses purely on the condition of the property.


Please be aware that we offer an enhancement to the RICS specified inspection criteria stated in the RICS Standard Terms and Conditions.


We feel that in order to satisfy the needs of most home buyers and to ensure that we can be as thorough as possible when assessing any property, we will always attempt to undertake a complete and exhaustive examination of the whole property to a standard that is consistent with a level three "building survey" (sometimes mistakenly called a "structural survey").   The difference for you, as the client in receipt of any report is then based solely on the amount of detail that is covered in the report and not the integrity of the inspection on which it is based.


An RICS Condition Report does not include

  • a valuation, but we are RICS Registered Valuers and are therefore qualified and able to provide this as a separate extra service
  • an insurance reinstatement figure for the property
  • commentary on the local environment and facilities nearby that influence the value of the property
  • information about the means of repair or alterations needed to relieve any problem identified


All RICS Home Surveys use clear ‘traffic light’ ratings of the condition of different parts of the building, services, garage and outbuildings, showing problems that require varying degrees of attention.  Items marked as Red - Condition 3 are about things that need immediate attention, items marked as Amber - Condition 2 are about things that will need the attention of any buyer or the existing owner within in the very near future.

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