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The duties of an expert witness and how to instruct us

A chartered surveyor instructed as an expert witness has to comply with the relevant Civil Procedure Rules and with the relevant RICS Practice Statement.


The primary duty of an expert witness is not to a client but to the tribunal or court where the evidence is to be examined.  The conduct therefore -



In some instances, an expert may be jointly appointed by the parties in dispute, paying equally the costs of that work.  It is inevitable in those situations that one party (and occasionally both) will be unsuccessful.  That is not the fault of the expert.  Where an expert is appointed only by one party, or each appoints an expert, it is usual for the tribunal or court to require the two experts to review each other's report and to draw up a statement that is then jointly issued in which the points of agreement are stated, the points of disagreement are stated, and matters requiring further evaluation or which have come to light upon review are explained.


Early use of an expert to assess your case can often save you considerable additional time and expense if it emerges that you have -


You can instruct us as an expert witness without a solicitor.


You do not need a solicitor in many simpler claims, and we can instruct barristers directly on your behalf.


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